Smithsonian Store

Mobile devices now account for 46.5% of all ecommerce traffic and 23% of all ecommerce purchases! Now, more than ever, websites need to look great on various devices, from large TVs and desktop computers, to smartphones and tablets.

Smithsonian Store wanted to meet the needs of shoppers on all devices, so Bryte Studio retrofitted the site to be fully-responsive. Now, auto-sizes for any device, making shopping easy and enjoyable anywhere! Similarly, Bryte Studio can lead you through the decision-making process to help you decide which strategy is best for your online and mobile business presence, in the world of multiple device sizes.

Bryte Studio Excels in Responsive Web Development.

Responsive Websites

Nearly 50% of e-commerce traffic and 25% of e-commerce purchases occur on mobile devices. Now is the time to upgrade your website to a responsive website. Responsive websites automatically resize to any screen - from desktops and smart TVS, to mobile phones and tablet devices. We upgraded the Smithsonian Store to be fully-responsive so shoppers anywhere, on any device, can experience great user interface. We are ready to help develop your fully responsive website.