Responsive Websites

Nearly 50% of e-commerce traffic and 25% of e-commerce purchases occur on mobile devices. Now is the time to upgrade your website to a responsive website. Responsive websites automatically resize to any screen - from desktops and smart TVS, to mobile phones and tablet devices. We upgraded the Smithsonian Store to be fully-responsive so shoppers anywhere, on any device, can experience great user interface. We are ready to help develop your fully responsive website.

Website Layouts that Automatically Resize and Adjust for Any Device Screen

Better User Experience

Viewing a website from a phone or mobile device can be difficult if it is not responsive: buttons are difficult to find, information is hidden and overall user action is severely hindered. Website visitors are more likely to use your website if it has easy-to-find buttons, links, and information. When your website is built to be responsive, visitors will enjoy the experience wherever they are, which means they are more likely to stick with you rather than a competitor, for a better web experience.

Keeping the Goal in Mind

Our responsive web design and creates a strategic experience for website visitors which includes the prominent display of relevant information and calls to action in the form of links, buttons and other interactive elements. We can design your website for a desktop experience, which then translates into an effective mobile experience.