Mobile Strategy

Choosing a mobile strategy does not need to be overwhelming or stressful. We listen to your organizational needs and then we help you understand on the best mobile app strategy for your budget and your goals. We help you understand the benefits of a html5 hybrid app versus native applications. We also help you plan for the big picture – what should your presence be across the web and across all other devices – smart TVs, mobile devices etc. We help you plan with the future in mind so your development dollars go farther.

The technology landscape is large and expanding quickly. We help you navigate the intricacies of it, but as a high-level starting point we help you understand some of the main benefits and drawbacks of the following mobile media app approaches.

Let Our Experience Take the Stress Out of Your Experience.

Native App

A native app is a mobile application that is built using programming languages and tools designed specifically to run on the device's operating system. Native applications offer the benefit of being able to access device functionality that could not otherwise be accessed from a responsive website. Additionally, native apps are faster and more snappy than reactive websites or hybrid apps. Native apps are typically more expensive because it can require separate applications and development for each device type i.e. Apple, Android, Windows.

Responsive Website

Websites are beneficial in creating a digital media experience for consumers that can be created once and accessed through a web browser on any device. Costs are typically lower as code exists in one place. A drawback to a web only solution is that functionality on a mobile device can be limited because websites are not able to access and use the breadth of mobile device functionality.

Hybrid App

Hybrid apps can offer benefits of both native and responsive website solutions. A hybrid app is usually a web application in a native app shell. Hybrid apps can be distributed and accessed through app stores and can utilize device functionality through communicating with the native shell. Hybrid apps can also be more economical as the html5 code is able to be used across devices types rather than having to create separate apps. Drawbacks to a hybrid app include the less efficient and sometimes slowness of the app compared with a native app.