Mobile Development

With mobile usage now significantly outpacing PC usage, the need for mobile apps continues to rise. Bryte Studio was created to understand and help organizations determine and implement the best media approach. We are not a “one solution fits all” shop, but we take the time to talk with you, understand your business needs and processes and help you create a custom digital media campaign that fits your specific needs. We help you understand your development options from fully native mobile applications to hybrid HTML5 mobile applications. We then design and develop an application that meets your budget and your goals.

We Develop Android, iOS and HTML5 Mobile Apps

Android, iOS and HTML5 Mobile Apps

HTML5 apps and Native apps offer contrasting benefits. Your brand and your needs are unique. We believe design and development should be an interactive experience, where feedback and communication error on the side of too much, rather than too little. Expectations have to be communicated and agreed upon before the project begins. Design and development cycles are based on the agile software process which delivers bi-weekly usable and testable progress. Feedback is crucial and frequent feedback helps keep everyone involved and headed in the right direction.

People Focused

User experience and application design are critical parts of our development process. Telling your company story, creating an emotional connection, and representing your brand via a positive user experience helps you stand out from the competition. Our user interface designers are people focused.

Mobile Analytics

Mobile analytics software is becoming increasingly important. Mobile analytics allows organizations to see how their app is actually used! See what users like, and dislike. See where users drop out before registering for an account, making a purchase, or signing up for a company newsletter. With feedback from mobile analytics software you can continually improve your users’ experience and build loyalty and dependence on your app.


We are here for you in planning, design, development and beyond! At Bryte Studio, we offer full support for all of our mobile app and other software applications. Feel secure knowing that we are just a phone call away.