Hybrid Mobile Development

HTML5 hybrid App? or Native app? That is one of the most frequent questions we get asked. Sometimes the best mobile app solution isn't a native app. Hybrid mobile apps can be a great solution that saves both time and money -- develop your app once and deploy it across all platforms.

How does it work? Hybrid apps look and act like native apps. They can be downloaded from an app store and accessed from its icon on a phone or tablet, just like a native app. A hybrid app is basically a html5 website wrapped in a native app shell. The website is built with standard web technologies such as HTML, CSS and javascript. The native “shell” is written in the device operating system’s specific language: Java, Objective-C or Swift. The benefit of having a native shell is that it allows the html and javascript to interact with your phone's features: camera, GSP, contacts, photos, etc.

There is much to consider and Bryte Studio can help you think through the options and make the smartest decision based on your specific needs.

Once and Done


Hybrid apps look and feel much like native apps, but they sometimes feel more sluggish and less responsive. For an experiment try using Facebook's mobile site through your phone's browser; then try using the normal Facebook app. We'll help you determine whether a native or a hybrid solution is best for your needs.

Our Process

Our development process begins by learning your needs, goals and vision and then utilizing our teams expertise to build your vision. We use an agile-based process which allows us to make sure the project stays on target with regular evaluations. We take you through approval and placement on an app stores, and we'll be there for continuous support and product augmentations should the needs arise.