Museum Interactive Apps

From art to science to history and in between, Museums offer a vivid look into some of the most interesting and inspiring aspects of life. Museum displays should reflect the power of the topics they represent. At Bryte Studio, we put our all into designing interactive media that both visually and functionally represents the beauty of life and circumstance portrayed in Museums. Let us re-create the mood and tone and interactive learning available with your museum exhibits through web and mobile interactive media.

Interactive Media that Engages the Patron

Learning by Doing

Museum patrons can have an elevated experience and augmented learning opportunity by engaging with museum content. For this reason, we build museum display apps that are easy-to-use, yet rich in visual and educational content.

Software to Meet Your Needs

Each museum display has different media needs, some displays simple require automated information or video reel, other displays require more complex interactive iPad apps or other interactive software. We will meet with you and listen to your vision for your museum exhibit and will help you develop the most appropriate technology solution to meet your patron and budget needs. Once a strategy is in place we will utilize our agile-based development process to most efficiently create the beautiful and engaging software suited for your unique exhibit needs.