Web Development Basics

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Web Development

Web development, unlike web design, usually consists of sites that have an emphasis on programming and data storage. Web development usually requires a programming language like Java, PHP, Scala, C#, Ruby, Python, JavaScript coupled with a database Oracle, MsSQL, MySQL, MongoDB. Some web design projects have these two components as well, but the web design website typically sits on top of an already developed platform, like WordPress. In many instances companies that are trying to solve complex or unique business problems require a custom web development effort.



In most web development instances companies select a programming framework to work within. A framework significantly reduces the effort required from a programming standpoint as it removes a lot of the repetitive code required. There are literally hundreds of different frameworks to choose from and each framework comes with it’s own set of pros and cons. Some frameworks allow great flexibility, but require a lot of extra configuration and setup. Other frameworks are setup to run by convention and allow less flexibility, but they also require less configuration or maintenance. Some of the most popular frameworks include Play!, Grails, Rails, AngularJS, ember.js, Zend, CodeIgniter, Django. Most frameworks are paired with the language they’re written in, i.e. the Rails framework is written in the Ruby programming language.


Web Development Quality

The quality and organization of the code that runs the web application varies greatly. Some projects have beautiful, clean, organized code that is a pleasure to work with. Clean code promotes site stability and when changes need to be made those changes are typically less expensive to make. Poor code causes myriad problems and headaches for company stakeholders and programmers alike. It’s important when paying to have web development done to know the exact team who will be working on the project, how much experience do they have, is their code organized and does it follow good design principles and patterns. If you don’t know how good a programmer ask for the code and have it reviewed by a professional.


Web Design vs Web Development
Web Design vs Web Development

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