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Web Design

Web design, unlike web development [1], usually consists mostly of business or informational web sites. We like to affectionately call them “brochure sites”. These sites might include dynamic components, like a contact us form, but for the most part they are static in nature. The Bryte Studio website (www.brytestudio.com) is a business/informational site.

Brochure sites are typically easier to plan, estimate, and deliver on time. That being said, some brochure sites still require significant amounts of effort. It really depends on what the client is looking for in a website. There are a variety of approaches one should consider.

Website Builder (low cost)

On the lower end of the cost spectrum there are do-it-yourself website builders that we can suggest or even help guide you through. These sites are easy to use and you can be quickly up and running with a new site. The sites usually require a recurring monthly charge. For some companies this is far and away the best solution, but there are some drawbacks. Some companies find themselves constrained by the website builders’ software limitations and constraints. Other companies don’t like the recurring monthly prices. Still other companies just want something built for them.

WordPress (low to high cost)

WordPress is an immensely popular blogging platform that runs on 1 out of every 4 web sites on the web [2].  This, for some people gives them the flexibility and freedom they want, without having to build a more expensive custom site. There are thousands of free plugins already build, and chances are if you’re looking for something specific for your site, it’s already available. An example might be adding a knowledge base to your site where users can search through questions and answers from your customer support.

Custom (lost to hight cost)

Typically when you start mentioning the word custom, you jump over from web design to the more involved web development that requires programming and database data storage. But, on some occasions client’s might have a specific need or desire for a completely custom “brochure site”. The Bryte Studio website is one such example where we built our website using bootstrap and reactjs. We liked the speed and responsiveness of these other technologies. And with the help of frameworks, themes and open source tools like bootstrap this approach and be in the same price ballpark as the previous options.

Making Changes

Usually, the custom build requires someone who has been trained to make changes to the site, whereas the WordPress option or the website builder options allow untrained users to alter text, images, and other content. This, in our opinion, is a two edged sword as as we’ve seen some untrained customers ruin the professional and clean look of a site while they struggle to add or change content.


web design vs web development
web design vs web development

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