Java 8

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java 8

I’m really excited for Java 8!! Here is the release schedule:

2013/09/05 – Developer Preview
2014/01/23 – Final Release Candidate
2014/03/18 – General Availability

By far the biggest new feature is Lambdas, aimed at supporting programming in a multi-core environment by adding closures and related features to the Java language. A great tutorial site to help learn about the Lambdas is here:

Supporting Lambdas is a important and fundamental change to Java. The scope of this project was enormous and will forever change Java in an effort keep it competitive with other languages like Scala and Clojure.

Traditionally, computer software has been written for serial computation. To solve a problem, an algorithm is constructed and implemented as a serial stream of instructions. These instructions are executed on a central processing unit on one computer. Only one instruction may execute at a time—after that instruction is finished, the next is executed.

Parallel computing, on the other hand, uses multiple processing elements simultaneously to solve a problem. This is accomplished by breaking the problem into independent parts so that each processing element can execute its part of the algorithm simultaneously with the others. The processing elements can be diverse and include resources such as a single computer with multiple processors, several networked computers, specialized hardware, or any combination of the above. ~wikipedia

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