Web Development Basics

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Web Development Web development, unlike web design, usually consists of sites that have an emphasis on programming and data storage. Web development usually requires a programming language like Java, PHP, Scala, C#, Ruby, Python, JavaScript coupled with a database Oracle, … Continued

Web Design Basics

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Web Design Web design, unlike web development [1], usually consists mostly of business or informational web sites. We like to affectionately call them “brochure sites”. These sites might include dynamic components, like a contact us form, but for the most … Continued


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I created a quick WebSockets proof of concept because I wanted to be able to launch native desktop applications by clicking on a link in a browser. I’m looking for ways to interact with the desktop from within Chrome. Google … Continued

NPAPI Alternatives

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Google Chrome is tightening security and has formally announce it will disallow the use of NPAPI (Netscape Plugin API–http://www.meadco.com/neptune/about). A lot of companies, including several I do work for, use the NPAPI to launch executable files from withing a web … Continued

Java 8

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I’m really excited for Java 8!! Here is the release schedule: 2013/09/05 – Developer Preview 2014/01/23 – Final Release Candidate 2014/03/18 – General Availability By far the biggest new feature is Lambdas, aimed at supporting programming in a multi-core environment by … Continued